5/5/17 Update from Silver Beach

Silver Beach News for 5.5.17

Dear Families,
The entire Silver Beach Staff extends a huge THANK YOU for spoiling us this week.   Extra thanks to Kristen Kiene, Laura Lawyer, room parents, and PTO for all the behind the scenes work. The taco bar lunch was amazing today! We all feel very loved and appreciated.  Picture of the ‘You’re Out of this World” bulletin board.
The BPS does a quarterly appreciation memo called “Good Apples”.  Two of our staff members were honored in this addition:
Bus Drive Stacie Michaelson : She deserves a basket of beautiful apples; one for every student who rides her bus. Silver Beach Elementary is so fortunate to have a bus driver like Stacie Michaelson.  She treats her students with respect, firmness, good humor, and kindness. She gets to know her kids and works hard to make sure those who may be struggling are able to ride successfully. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are safe and have a good experience.  One  example of how Stacie goes above and beyond for kids is the wonderful book she made for a first grader  who is highly interested in buses and a bus helper for kindergarten. She took many pictures around the bus yard and even picture of him with the buses. She had it made into a lovely book with many interesting facts about our school buses. We all learned so much  and  he will treasure the book forever. Thanks, Stacie, for helping kids in unexpected ways….Cathy Riber, Shari Lingbloom and Nicole Talley
Mrs. Clough our Speech Language Therapist: I have had the good fortune to work with speech language pathologist Toni Clough. Not only is she a thoughtful and dedicated speech therapist, but she is committed to sharing her knowledge of the IEP process, development of speech and communication, and supports for students. She is a great advocate for kids. Just last week, when I wanted to touch base about some kids, she provided immediate insights, offered to do research, connected with each of the kids, pulled their data, consulted other specialists, and provided me a second consult. She empowers children, families and teachers she works with. I have great admiration and appreciation for her and I wish her the best for her retirement. She will be missed…Submitted by Margi Smith on behalf of the Silver Beach Staff
Have a wonderful weekend!

Upcoming Dates:

May 5: Offutt Wastewater FT
2:10 MOTley Assembly
6:30-9:00 Kids’ Night Out
May 10: 5th Graders Tour Kulshan Middle School
May 12: 6:30-9:00 Kids’ Night Out
May 17: Kindergarten to Mt. Baker Theater
May 18: 3:00-5:00 Kindergarten Open House (please turn in your registration packets!)
6:30 pm 5th Grade Parent Night at Whatcom Middle School
May 19: Bike/Walk to School Day
May 26: 11:00-1:00 Silver Beach Family Picnic