Family Support Network

How it works:

Families may request support or may be referred by staff as specific needs arise.  Brian Gilmore, our school counselor, documents and sends the request to Laura Lawyer, FSN Chairperson. If the Network is able to fulfill the request, we will then ensure the item(s) are delivered to the school office.  Brian ensures delivery to the recipient(s).  Past requests have included children’s coats, shoes, grocery items, bedding etc.  All family information is kept confidential.

As a supporter, you will be able to help with whatever and whenever it works for you.  If you are interested in joining the Network, please submit the attached form to the Office. If you have questions, please email Laura at [email protected]

If you are a family in need of possible assistance from the network, please contact Brian Gilmore at 676-6443 (ext.2328) or [email protected] A request form will also be available on the school website and in the Silver Beach Office.

We are very excited to be able to do this again!  Thanks for all your combined efforts to build such a wonderful community and to Vibha Maheswaran who started FSN.

FSN Interest Form


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