Important Information for Volunteers

*All volunteers must complete the online volunteer registration before they can volunteer within Bellingham Public Schools.  Click here for the link*

All volunteers must sign in and wear a volunteer ID badge or visitor sticker.

Volunteers may park in the visitor spots. Please do not park in the drop off/pick up area unless it is between the hours of 8:45 am and 2:00pm (12:15 on early release days).  Please try to not park along the road side of Academy hill, as this creates a back up during the drop off and pick up times. ALL NUMBERED SPOTS ARE RESERVED FOR FACULTY AND STAFF.

Information for specific volunteer activities:

ASSEMBLIES: Help set up chairs and help any set up for assembly guests.

FRIDAY CLUBS: Run a Friday Club or help supervise a club.  Friday Clubs run from 1:50-2:30pm.

SCIENCE FAIR/VAN: Help set up science fair displays, help the day the science van comes to school.

5TH GRADE YEARBOOK:  Take pictures of 5th grade activities, help organize yearbook.

5TH GRADE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL: Some fundraising may be required, organize day of snacks, t-shirts, information to families.

JOG-A-THON:  Help count laps for your students class.

FALL/HARVEST FESTIVAL: Help run the games, help serve pizza and pop, cake walk donations, ticket sales at door, set up, clean up.

BBQ: Help the lunch room staff with handing out ice cream, trash clean up, and serving food.

FAMILY NIGHT DANCE: Help with photo booth, serving pizza and pop, ticket sales at the door, trinket table sales, dessert sales.

SKI TO SEA JR. PARADE: Walk in the parade, make signs to encourage students to join the Silver Beach section of the parade, potentially make/organize/lead a float.

ROOM PARENT: Email classroom families events around school and the classroom. Act as liaison between PTO Board and families:  Must be able and willing to check email and correspond daily.

NEWSLETTER: Create the monthly newsletter, coordinate with activity chairs, PTO board, and staff.

WATCH DOGS: Male parent/guardians are needed to volunteer in classrooms, recess, and lunch room, and assist with traffic flow.

EARLY MORNING SUPERVISION: From 8:00-8:25 AM supervise a group of students in the library or the playground annex, which allows kids to stay indoors when the weather is inclement and/or they just don’t want to be outside.

LIBRARY: Help shelve books, help students locate and check out books.

PICTURES: Help during individual and class picture days, including fetching classes, help with set up, and organization of order forms.

VISION AND HEARING: Run and get class, help set up students for vision and hearing screenings.

BOOK FAIR: Help with set up and pack up, also need cashiers and floaters to work during hours the book fair is open.

GARDEN: Help Common Threads with classroom learning, upkeep or garden, summer watering program.

MATH, READING: Help with support of math and reading.

ROOM VOLUNTEER: Assist teacher with whatever is needed.

STAFF LUNCHES (MONTHLY): Donate a food item for lunches. Menu varies from month to month.

STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK: Organize a way to shower the staff with appreciation for the week.

ALLIED ARTS: Help with classroom art project, hanging pictures for the annual Downtown Art Walk.